9.8KW Photovoltaic System


This is our 9.8KW grid-tied PV system. The trackers are Wattsun model AZ-225 and are the largest they make. On average, each year, the system should produce most of the energy our house uses.

The inverters and battery storage are located in the basement of our house. Two SunnyBoy 2500U inverters are powered by the PV panels on two of the trackers. The PV panels on the other two trackers power a Beacon M5 battery/grid-tie inverter. The M5 uses a 48volt battery bank to power our critical loads during a power outage. Deka makes the batteries at their factory in Pennsylvania.

All excess power goes back to the power company, which essentially spins the meter backwards. We then can use this power we gave to the electric company at a later time. The power grid works like a big battery.

The State of New Jersey's Clean Energy Program paid for about 70% of the system. Without this financial aid the system would not be economically feasible for us. But just knowing that we are not using power that comes from dirty coal or oil is really enough for us.

Focal Lighting did the installation and I'd recommend them to anyone who's installing a PV system. Being electricians they certainly know what they are doing. The local electrical inspector was very happy seeing how professional the installation looked.

We had quite a few volunteers help with the tracker installation and a special thanks goes out to all.

Our master mason, Andrew, at work on a pre-cast footing for one of the trackers.